Technical Services Department

Technical Services Executive Manager: Mr L Govu

Tel: 040 6733 098
Fax: 040 6733 771
Secretary: Ms S Tswele



The objective of the department is to ensure the extension of services to meet the growing needs of Ngqushwa Municipality communities.

The Technical Services Department is responsible for:

  • Waterworks [purification, reticulation & maintenance].
  • Sanitation [sewerage reticulation, night soil removal, septic tanks & maintenance].
  • Solid waste disposal [refuse removal & open space cleaning, tip site operation & maintenance.
  • Parks, sports field & cemetery maintenance.
  • Maintenance of buildings & installations.
  • Pound management.
  • Commonage control.
  • Construction and maintenance of access roads and town streets.
  • Pontoons, jetties & ferries.


Roads and Stormwater Manager: Miss N Mbekela

The section oversees the works programme, based on engineering needs assessment for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure; roads and storm water.

Manager: Electricity: Mr B Mangesi


  • Managing and controlling of electrical, parks and cemetery and refuse budget
  • Liaise with Eskom
  • Ensure Health and Safety in all municipality environments

Manager: Land and Housing: Mr M Voko


  • Coordination and management of land administration, rezoning, subdivisions, consolidations, housing development, planning and surveying, property valuation, issuing of title deeds and arrangement of township proclamations
  • Coordinate the implementation programmes in respect of Spatial Development Initiatives.

Manager: Project Management Unit: Mr T Malingatshoni


  • Implementation and management of capital project, including MIG Project in terms of budget, time and quality.
  • Conduct  regular site visits, meetings to ensure compliance with requirements.
  • Arrange  regular project progress meetings.
  • Maintain project performance data on MIS.
  • Compilation of project reports for Municipality and other departments as necessary.
  • Compilation of MIG reports as per the DORA.
  • Assist  with other related municipal infrastructure programme.
  • Maintain the consolidate cash flow performance of each project.
  • Any other relevant duty assigned by the supervisor.




Peddie Offices

Postal Address:PO Box 539, Peddie

Physical Address: ERF 313, Main Road, Peddie, 5640

Telephone: 040 673 3095

Fax: 040 673 3771

Hamburg Offices

Postal Address:PO Box Hamburg

Physical Address: ERF 272- 277, Hamburg

Telephone: 040 678 1067

Fax: 040 673 3771