Municipal Manager’s Office


Municipal Manager:  Mr TT Mnyimba

Tel: 040 6733 095

Fax: 040 6733 771

Secretary :  Ms N Yaphi



The Role of the Municipal Manager

The Municipal Manager is a key role player in the functioning of the municipality. He acts not only as a communication channel between The Council and community, but also as an accounting officer and head of Administration of the municipality.


Manager: IDP and Performance Management  Mr M Cekiso


  • Heading and Management of the IDP/PMS Unit
  • Responsible for the duties of the IDP and PMS of Ngqushwa Local Municipality
  • Ensuring that any planning and implementation management support provided by the unit is in line with legal requirements and minimum professional standards.
  • Manage ad monitor budget for the IDP and PMS


Internal Auditor Manager : Mr N Mbadu


Assist the municipality in the following internal control systems evaluations:

  • System write-ups and updates
  • Coordinating internal audit assignments in accordance with the assignment plans
  • Preparing and reviewing papers and audit programmes and internal audit reports
  • Performing follow up audits
  • Undertaking of strategic risk analysis and management
  • Manage and monitor budget for the section


Communications Manager:  Ms N.S Cakwe


  • Undertake functions of good Public Relations, marketing of the Municipality and its jurisdiction
  • Customer care and service delivery satisfaction
  • Attending community meetings
  • Develop partnership with government and NGO’s

Manager: Special Programmes Unit:  Mr V. Mbangi


The focus is extended to development and implementation of special programmes, namely:

  • HIV and Aids, youth development, gender, sport, elderly and the disabled people within Ngqushwa Municipality.


Manager:  Mayor and Speaker’s Office: Ms N Nginda



ICT Manager: Ms B.B Nodada


  • Develop, implement and maintain an updated Municipal Information Strategy designed to enhance service delivery.
  • Evaluates and assess software viability to meet the needs of the Municipality.
  • Establishes and maintains the Office Automation System, Communications Network Platform, Project Management System and Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Plan
  • Development of user-friendly policies, procedures, systems negotiations with service providers.



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