Council Committees

Executive Committee

Municipal Department Portfolio Head (Councillor)
Community Services Councillor Z. Duneni
Technical Services Councillor L.Kolisi
Budget and Treasury Councillor F. Phumaphi
Cooperate Services Councillor S.Maneli

Municipal Public Accounts Committee

  • Councillor  Z Mquqo (Chairperson)
  • Councillor  L Moyeni
  • Councillor  N Mtati
  • Councillor  R Taylor
  • Councillor  NV gxasheka
  • Councillor  Prince mhlauli

Traditional Councils

Traditional leaders identified for participation on Municipal Council:

  • Prince N Mhlauli
  • Prince A Goni
  • Prince GL Zitshu
  • Princess NV Njokweni
  • Princess N Ngqondi


Audit Committee

An Audit Committee is an independent advisory body which must advise the municipal council, the political office bearers  the accounting officer and the management staff of the municipality, on matters relating to –

  • internal financial control and internal audits;
  • risk management;
  • accounting policies;
  • the adequacy, reliability and accuracy of financial reporting and information;
  • performance management;
  • effective governance;
  • compliance with this Act, the annual Division of Revenue Act and any other applicable legislation;
  • performance evaluation and any other issues applicable legislation
  • performance evaluation; and
  • any other issues referred to it by the municipality or municipal entity;
  • review financial statements

  • A. Plaatjies (Chairperson)
  • G. Bana
  • W. Gama
  • L. Sibanyoni


Peddie Offices

Postal Address:PO Box 539, Peddie

Physical Address: ERF 313, Main Road, Peddie, 5640

Telephone: 040 673 3095

Fax: 040 673 3771

Hamburg Offices

Postal Address:PO Box Hamburg

Physical Address: ERF 272- 277, Hamburg

Telephone: 040 678 1067

Fax: 040 673 3771