Corporate Services

Cooperate Services Executive Manager: Ms NC Mazwayi

Tel: 040 6733 095
Fax: 040 6733 771
Secretary: Ms N. Langben



To ensure the municipality achieves demographic imbalances and the ideals of ubuntu to uphold the pillars of democracy.


To provide the municipality with corporate support services (i.e. Human Resources, Organisational Support, Land and Housing Administration) in support of the IDP and municipal vision.

The department is responsible for the following core business functions:

  • The supply and control of administrative services.
  • The development and implementation of all policies and procedures
  • The internal communication function of the municipality
  • All aspects of the human resource function
  • The management of information including registration and archiving of all municipality documents and all support services – IT, library, etc.
  • Land and Housing Development.



Administration Manager: Miss E Maytham


  • The section is responsible for administering and supervision of registry staff, driver/messenger, librarian, security guard and committee clerks.
  • Co-ordinate the compilation of Executive Committee and Council agendas, producing legal notices for publication, compile and maintain the municipal code, and to assist with co-ordination of questionnaires, surveys, etc. especially where administration statistics is required.
  • Administer telecommunications services and information technology.

Human Resources Manager: Mr M Mxekezo


The section is responsible for all functions of Human Resources:

  • Ensuring professionalism at all times, implementation of policies and procedures relating to HR, including recruitment, training and development, disciplinary procedures, Performance Management System, development of Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report and condition of employment,
  • Ensuring that all levies due to be refunded by the SETA are claimed and received
  • Payroll Administration (actual payment done by finance departments)



Corporate service


Peddie Offices

Postal Address:PO Box 539, Peddie

Physical Address: ERF 313, Main Road, Peddie, 5640

Telephone: 040 673 3095

Fax: 040 673 3771

Hamburg Offices

Postal Address:PO Box Hamburg

Physical Address: ERF 272- 277, Hamburg

Telephone: 040 678 1067

Fax: 040 673 3771