Budget and Treasury Office

Chief Finance Officer: Mr VC Makedama[/headline]

Tel: 040 6733 095
Fax: 040 6733 771

Secretary: Ms O Kili

E-mail: okili@ngqushwamun.gov.za


To ensure efficient and effective financial and consultancy services to management and council in enabling them to effectively manage the process of service delivery in a transparent, sustainable, cost effective manner thus contributing to improve quality of life.


Providing stewardship of Council’s financial resources and ensure sound internal control. To provide internal management reporting to ensure that Council and Management are informed when making strategic decision.

The Financial Services Department objective is the management of:

  • Accounting
  • Revenue [billing & collection]
  • Expenditure
  • Banking & bank reconciliation
  • Insurance & investments
  • Financial reporting to Council
  • Annual budget
  • Annual financial statements
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Municipal Assets
  • The maintenance of internal financial controls


Chief Accountant: 


Revenue Manager: Ms N Ndzungu

E-mail: jali@ngqushwamun.gov.za

  • Capturing of tarrifs into system
  • Issue bills timeously, collect and implement credit control policy
  • Completion of VAT 201E monthly
  • Preparing age analysis report and submit to Provincial Treasury and Local Government and Housing
  • Delivering letter of Demand and educate customers as to why they have to pay for services rendered to them
  • Responding to debtors queries and make adjustments if possible
  • Completion of statistic questionnaires quarterly

Budget Manager: vacant 


  • Implementation, monitoring and reporting of annual budget
  • Provide financial guidance to all departments with regard to the implementation of the budget and budgetary control issues
  • Ensure appropriate funding per vote
  • Assist in development and reviewal of budget policies and procedures
  • Approval & authorisation of payments

Expenditure Manager: Vacant


The section is responsible for:

  • Analyses and interpretation of monthly reports and ensure timeous submission to treasury and provincial department
  • Assist in preparation of budget and annual financial statement
  • Respond to exception reports
  • Monitor the accounting records, transactions and the financial state of affairs of the municipality

Supply Chain Manager: Ms. V Fonoza


  • The section has been established for procurement services, management and ensuring that Supply Chain management policies are implemented properly and functioning effectively
  • Managing, coordinating, advertising, opening and closing of tenders
  • Rendering administrative tasks to Bid committees
  • Managing, acquiring and compiling a Professional Service Providers (PSP) for the entire municipality
  • Promoting and implementing BEE programmes
  • Assisting departments in compilation of SLAs (Service Level Agreements)



Peddie Offices

Postal Address:PO Box 539, Peddie

Physical Address: ERF 313, Main Road, Peddie, 5640

Telephone: 040 673 3095

Fax: 040 673 3771

Hamburg Offices

Postal Address:PO Box Hamburg

Physical Address: ERF 272- 277, Hamburg

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